Eminem at MIT

During my MIT REAP program and exactly in the last part of last session, the “Professor” Bill Aulet1, Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, wanted to end his session with few inspiring words by quoting someone. I think most of the 60± audience thought he would quote Drucker, Ford, or some sort of a business man. He surprised us all when he played the chorus of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem!, which says:

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime you better

The whole crowd cheered and I personally think he nailed it. Entrepreneurs seek opportunities and should never miss a chance to make a change, or should I say “blow”, as you only get One shot.

Thank you Bill for such inspiration and we, as entrepreneurs, shall seek such opportunities.

Enjoy the video and let me know what do you think down in the comments. Do you think Bill plays it for his MBA students as well? (I personally do think so).

Co-working spaces in Saudi

I’ve been to several co-working spaces around the world. Some in the US, Europe and Japan in the last couple of years. It is very obvious that it is a trendy and hot thing and I guess it is contributing a lot to the ecosystem and entrepreneurial community out there, due to the huge mingling and networking effect it has.

Great international examples

Workbar, wework, GREENTOWNLABS, and so many others might not be the pioneers but they are certainly some of the well known ones. Some are general spaces while others are focused on a certain theme or type of customers. I rememeber visiting a co-working space in Manhattan, NYC, that was only suitable for authors and writers. GREENTOWNLABS for example is focused on green energy start-up companies.

The scene in Saudi

While most of the business world here still does not understand the true meaning of a “Co-working” space, I think there is a very strong chance for it to succeed in this part of the world as well, for many reasons. People here still think of co-working spaces like serviced offices! There is a huge difference between both. SERVCORP is one of the well known examples of serviced offices in Saudi Arabia.

(Update 2017) It seems SERVCORP started offering co-working space service recently but I have my doubts that it will be a true co-working space.

WhiteSpace is one of the examples that understands the difference between a co-working space and a serviced office, yet they decided to focus on being a serviced office service provider due to market demand.

Some of the smart ones had started already as I can see few in Riyadh and I recently heard about ones in Jeddah as well. The Space was one of the pioneer co-working spaces in Jeddah and SHEWORKS is one of the first ones I read about in Riyadh, which is a co-working space dedicated for females.

It seems that there are more coming into the scene lately as a quick Google search shows some, that I haven’t visited yet, such as Regus and The Work Hub in Jeddah and I’m sure there are more in Riyadh and other cities.

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Watch out, YouTubers

I recently got me a GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition video camera since I had an intention of starting a Vlog. I have no experience neither in shooting nor video editing but I’m a good student and I learn quickly.

I started playing with the camera settings and recorded few video shots during my trip from Logan airport in Boston back to Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport in Medina and here is my first YouTube production video ever!

After that I took some shots during Ramadan and went to meet my family in a restaurant for Sahour. This video gives you an idea of what happened (Though it has few Arabic text here and there but you will still get it by watching).

Finally I published a Vlog for Eid greetings and showing some shots from Eid prayers in Jeddah.

I will be posting more and more vlogs as I improve my editing skills.

For a list of my setup, you can buy the same equipment from here:

Welcome our new family member, Za'afaran (Saffron)

Za'afaran at home

I’ve owned several trucks and SUVs in my life since I was in high-school. My first was a 1988 Chevy Blazer, then an Infiniti QX4, and finally a 2009 Sierra Denali. My friend however had 1996 Jeep wrangler back then, which was a brand new, and I felt in love with Jeeps ever since and always had the intention of getting one, especially that I go camping and off-roading during the winter season 1.

After many, many years, I’m happy to announce that I just got me a Jeep with the following specs and some mods:

  • 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ (Yellow)
  • 4.0L I6 Engine (Original engine was blown and PO replaced it with a 1997 engine) with 194K KM (That is 121K Miles)
  • 5 Speed Manual Gearbox (ATX-15)
  • Hard Top (I don’t think it is the original one)
  • K&N Air filter
  • Throttle body spacer
  • 3” headers with no pipes/mufflers. Yes it is VERY loud and noisy
  • Unknown after market body lift (I guess it is a 1” or 1.5”)
  • 10” GT Radial wheels
  • Unknown aftermarket half doors

The car was in an acceptable condition and almost has no rust neither in the frame nor the body. My plans are big for this project car and I have started a build thread on WranglerForum.com.

What is it with the name?

Za’afaran (pronounced: Zaa faran) is the Arabic name of Saffron. This car is originally Red but it was painted Yellow by the Previous Owner (PO). Therefore, I thought Saffron is the best matching name since it is actually Red but it produces that cool Yellow colour.

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Creating a bootable Mac OS X El Capitan USB Image

OS X El Capitan1

Steps to create a bootable image of Mac OS X El Capitan

  1. Download El Capitan from the App Store. Never trust downloading it from any other resource.
  2. While downloading, prepare a USB drive, not less than 8 GB, and format it with Mac OS X (Journaled) file system.
  3. Open Terminal app from your Applications folder under Utilities.
  4. Once the download is complete, El Capitan installer will auto start, quit it then type the following command in your Terminal app. Please note that the below command assumes you kept the Install OS X El Capitan installer in the Applications folder and your formatted USB is titled as “Untitled”. sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app --nointeraction

  5. This will ask you for your admin password, once typed, it will start preparing the media and this should take from 20 to 30 minutes. You will know it is done once it says “Copy Complete. Done.