Personal Info

My name is Yousef Raffa, a Saudi born and lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I’m married to a lovely wife who is working used to work as a KG teacher. We have a cute girl named Maryam and were recently blessed with Yahya, which is an Arabic name for John!.

I’m very much interested in web technologies, gadgets, computers, and IT in general, yet, I’m mainly focused on security, networking and operating systems. I’ve been working with Linux and FreeBSD for more than 10 years now, in addition to other commercial Unices like Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Mac OS X. My favourite operating systems are FreeBSD and Mac OS X, as I use both on my personal computers.

After starting my own business, my interest totally shifted to business and especially entrepreneurship in general. No more monkey jobs for me, or should I say my hands are not getting dirty enough in technical stuff.

In addition, Geocaching plays a good role in my life as I’m one of the core members of SaudiGeocachers.com.

Here is my current status

I’m also an Exclusive contributor at iStockphoto.com with a Nikon D810 and several prime Nikkor lenses.

You can see some of my old work on flickr as well but iStockphoto.com has my recent, 4 years old, projects :). I also started a Photography podcast in Arabic named Photon@t, which is targeting both beginner as well as experienced photographers which can be found on iTunes.

Recently I got interested in telecommunication in the form of Amateur Radio as I found out that there is an official local community here in Saudi Arabia and I’m planning to becoming a licensed member Class A licensed. I also have an Arabic blog on the same matter where I have links to some articles that I translated and published.

Beside technical things I admire healthy living lifestyles. Therefore, running and jogging is part of my life, especially with Tex, my Rottweiler.

Work Experience

2003 - 2008

I worked at The Savola Group, one of the top share-holding companies in Saudi Arabia, as an IT Security Officer at their headquarters in Jeddah. This enabled me to experience several technologies and equipments which included F5 BIG-IP load balancers, Cisco (routers, switches, and firewalls), and Bluecoat proxy devices.

2008 - 2010

I worked for one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Saudi Arabia and Middle-East as an IT Security Specialist with nation wide responsibilities and more than 7 years of Unix/Linux experience and networking technologies as I have worked on FreeBSD, Solaris, and Linux boxes and different types of firewalls, load balancers as well as filtering systems. Most of my responsibilities where managing remote systems and that gave me very good experience on Juniper technologies, Foundry/Brocade equipments, and Secure Computing/McAfee firewalls.

2010 - 2013

I started up my own company with some partners named Quad Dimensions Tech., LLC as the VP/Executive Partner which is a tech. company with striking focus on developing mobile applications for smart devices such as iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android for B2B and few B2Cs.

One of Quad Dimensions’ main products is Sibawayh, that is an Arabic E-Bookstore for publishing and reading Arabic books and content.

2014 - Current

Currently I’m the Vice President of Operations at Namaa AlMunawara, a catalyst for entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region focusing on socio-economic impact on Madina citizens. I’m also heading one of the key five projects of Namaa AlMunawara, Wahat AlMunawara, which is a retail chain that sells Madina Made products.