Migrating to Jekyll

Here I am back again to blogging after stopping for several years. I’m still not through with everything yet but I'm currently migrating my old *Drupal* blog as well as my recent *Octopress* to *Jekyll*, the greatest text-file-based blog.


As you can see, it is still a beta move and I have a lot remaining. Therefore, I thought of having it listed down so I can mark whatever is done once I’m through with it. Here goes the list:

  1. Migrate Octopress posts
  2. Migrate old Drupal posts (Got to fix the current issue with the Drupal install!)
  3. Comments (not sure if I really want it though)
  4. Contact Form
  5. Design

    New theme

  6. Support for Twitter Cards
  7. Tweet a post
  8. Fix imported posts
  9. Add OG support

Got some suggestions? Feel free to tweet it over to @Yraffah

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