Welcome our new family member, Za'afaran (Saffron)

Za'afaran at home

I’ve owned several trucks and SUVs in my life since I was in high-school. My first was a 1988 Chevy Blazer, then an Infiniti QX4, and finally a 2009 Sierra Denali. My friend however had 1996 Jeep wrangler back then, which was a brand new, and I felt in love with Jeeps ever since and always had the intention of getting one, especially that I go camping and off-roading during the winter season 1.

After many, many years, I’m happy to announce that I just got me a Jeep with the following specs and some mods:

The car was in an acceptable condition and almost has no rust neither in the frame nor the body. My plans are big for this project car and I have started a build thread on WranglerForum.com.

What is it with the name?

Za’afaran (pronounced: Zaa faran) is the Arabic name of Saffron. This car is originally Red but it was painted Yellow by the Previous Owner (PO). Therefore, I thought Saffron is the best matching name since it is actually Red but it produces that cool Yellow colour.

List of upgrades and fixes

DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way a mechanic or understand car mechanics. All what I do is for my own and personal reference and education. It is my car and I can brake it, as a matter of fact I did many times, and I should NOT and can NOT, be responsible for your errors, mistakes, or stupidity.

Here is a list of items I bought either to fix broken things or upgdare certain parts in no particular order;

  1. Yes, we go off-roading during winter season as the weather cools a lot and we can enjoy getting warm near the fire. However, in summer, the desert gets VERY hot and you get to encounter with many reptiles and insects, that you could’ve avoided in winter. 

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