A saudi pilot around the world

A retired saudi pilot

Sami Raffa, my eldest 70+ years old uncle is a retired pilot. He is considered one of the first Saudi pilots that served many years in Saudia Airlines as well as the royal sector.

He used to tell many stories of incidents and adventures that he lived during many years of service. Things that he saw and others that he interacted with. Uncle Sami was always an adventurer and to me is one of the first geeks I ever met in my life. He always had those amazing gadgets and crazy type of electronics, he was a pioneer. I still remember the electronic pieces he had on his cycling bikes, shoes, and wrist bands. The garage he had in his basement which is more of a workshop for the RC aircrafts and helicopters he used to build by hand with steam or gasoline engines.

Around the world in 40 days or less

This time he is doing something else; he will fly around the world in 40 days on his own aircraft. The initial plan was to fly solo but I guess certain conditions didn’t allow such a thing so he is taking someone with him.

He had to modify the plane a bit by installing extra fuel tanks in the rear passengers’ compartment which should give him extra milage to fly without stopping for fuel. The departure will be most likely from Al-Madinah Al Munawara (Europe) then he will take either the eastbound or westbound depending on the weather conditions, etc..

This video has a quick interview with him in the first few minutes.

Why is he doing it?

He spoke to me once about the trip at his house and told me the main reason was to show his gratitude to all those who had a great and positive impact on his life by teaching him. The second reason was to show the world that Saudis, especially Saudi pilots, are not terrorists nor violent. They are normal peaceful people and that is what Salam means in Arabic, which is Peace.

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