My first try at making bagels

Cooking is a passion

I have a passion for cooking and I just love it, though, I’m not a chef by any means. I just enjoy good food and love preparing it, will you do the dishes, please?

Bread for the first time

I never tried to prepare loaf or bread at home but I was reading a blog post the other night and the author was talking about some bagels! I told myself “It is time to prepare some bread” and went searching for recipes to get the ingredients.

So where is the healthy part in that? Well, the flour I used was a Whole Wheat flour, therefore, these were Whole Wheat Bagels :D. Not only that, I have also used brown sugar instead of regular sugar to keep it more into the healthy side.

The experience was great and joy was covering the whole process. Yes, it wasn’t the best bagels in the world but at least I tried and it wasn’t a total failure.

Boiling the Bagels Boiling Bagels

The final product The final product

Sliced Bagel Sliced Bagel

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