Careem VS Uber, my personal experience

Personal chauffeur services is becoming an interesting need and the market is certainly increasing. You might think you don’t need one as long as you have a car, well, guess what, you are wrong!. I personally have a car, yet, I needed a decent, clean, odor-free, and available car to drop me to or from an airport.

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Initially Uber was not available in Saudi Arabia until last month. This gave Careem a competitive advantage of being introduced first in the enormous Saudi market.

I wasn’t even able to register for an account until I was in New York. However, I still haven’t used the service when I was there. Few weeks after returning from my US trip, I got an email from Uber announcing their availability in Jeddah.

Once I was in Dammam and wanted to book a car to drop me to the hotel but unfortunately, they weren’t operating there yet. Another time I wanted a car to drop me to the airport early morning and they didn’t have the ability to book a car in advance. Searching for an available cars at 4AM didn’t show any available cars :(.

I’m still eager to try their service but unfortunately I wasn’t able to up till now. I might update this post once I do. Careem Logo


By the time I knew about Careem, they were already operating in Riyadh, Dammam, and just started in Jeddah that week! During my trip to Riyadh after that, I booked a car and it came within 4 minutes! The app showed me the car on its way to me, driver’s name, and his mobile phone number. Once the car arrived, it displayed the car’s license plate, which is smart!

If you can’t wait to try it, you can signup now and get 30 S.R. free credit!

Service assessment


I was thrilled with the speed of the service. Although this might be due to the fact that a driver was luckily nearby, yet, my first impression was very positive. Add to that the driving being very polite, well educated, and friendly. He just made the whole experience way better.

I won Careem's second prize and they displayed my selfie photoA selfie with Hassan, my first Careem driver. Thank you for the prize, Careem. Talk about customer service?


The car was clean and so was the rest of the cars I tried with them except my last. Once I rated the ride and gave it 3 stars since it wasn’t up to my expectations, they sent me an email through their customer service questioning what was the reasons behind that and they assured me of handling it properly. The car was not clean enough and it seemed it was used a lot recently which prevented the driver from tidying things up here and there.

Another great thing in their app is the option of selecting a car category. You can select one of three:

  1. Economy car
  2. Business car
  3. Luxury car

Additional features

Although it might be one of their current competitive advantages over Uber, having the option of booking a car in advance1 is really useful, especially during early mornings where no one is usually up and is available to drop/pick you to/from an airport. I used it several times.

Register now and get Free credits

Yes, register now and get 30 SR free credits.

  1. The booking has to be at least 2 hours in advance. Pre-booked cars cost a little bit more than immediate bookings “Book Now”

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