Worldwide Photo Walk 2015 - Medina

Join us in the first Worldwide Photo Walk ever in Medina, Saudi Arabia

شعار الفعالية Date: Saturday, 3 October 2015 Time: 5PM – 7PM Location: Historical Neighbourhood, King Fahd Garden. Participants: Both male and female participants are allowed to join the fun.

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Welcome Philips Hue

First Hue Test Here is a photo of my first trial but the Go was not showing in this photo.

Watching movies at home

I like to watch movies and TV shows at home. (Update 2016: Now that Netflix is available in Saudi Arabia, I like to Netflix as well) Therefore, my movie setup should include a great TV, audio system, and overall environment.

Since I got a great Samsung Curved Smart TV and a nice sound system, all is left was a surrounding atmosphere and how to make it more enjoyable.

Hello Hue

A lot of companies are competing in what is, in a layman’s term, known as smart home devices. However, I decided to go with and just bought me a Philips Hue starter kit , Hue Iris, and Hue Go in an attempt to have a cool looking lights around my TV setup while watching movies or TV shows while also having some smart home devices using IoT so I can control it through an app or maybe I can buy an Amazon Echo later down the line.

I hooked up the bridge, which is the “main brain” that controls all Hue devices, to the internet, got its firmware updated, connected all the lights and played with it for a while until I decided to have the Iris on the right side of the TV but on the floor while having the Go on the left.

I might consider getting I got the Philips Hue Lightstrip to install it around the back of the TV as well in order to get a glow effect from behind later down the line.

Why I switched to a vegan diet?

The detox specialist

I recently had the chance to visit a detoxing specialist in Turkey during a quick trip with my pal Ahmed Al-Awadi. She offered to do red blood cells analysis, which gives an indicator of how your blood flows and the way it carries oxygen to your organs. She initially started with him and took a blood sample from his index, put it on her microscope and we saw something like never before on the huge TV screen.

The first blood sample

Ahmed’s blood sample (below) looked really good (Ma sha’a Allah). The specialist said it was perfect, smooth, and just couldn’t be better. As you can see from the photo, the red blood cells are firmly round and has room to roam around and flow. They look healthy or shall I say “Happy :)”. From my personal observation, Ahmed is a normal person eating a regular diet, yet, he tries to avoid fried food if possible.

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WWDC 2014


Just like every year in June, Apple has its WWDC annual conference for developers where millions of people around the world, developers as well as consumers, gather and wait for impatiently. They like to be the first to know and hear from an Apple executive about its new and latest technologies and/or products.

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Jeddah Morning Joggers (JMJ)

As part of my plan on fighting the very high levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL Cholesterol), as I wrote about earlier in my running a marathon for the first time blog post, I like being part of Jeddah Morning Joggers, AKA (JMJ).

JMJ started several years ago as an initiative lead by Ahmed Al-Awadi, a national Saudi young, very talented, engineer. Al-Awadi is known for his experience in marketing, branding, and graphics design skills. As a matter of fact, he had his own design house named ASADesign, visual communications. He never expected nor anticipated it lasting for a year let a lone several years! In fact some of the group members by then were very skeptic and almost guaranteed him a big failure. Al-Awadi’s persistence and motivation never stopped, which helped him get new members every now and then and that’s when I met him in October 2011 when he was assigned to develop a re-branding concept for a logo I had. Al-Awadi asked me to join his group even though I never been jogging before. As a matter of fact, JMJ group is mainly consisting of new joggers, or people that are new to running, in other words, beginners or as we techies like to label them, n00bs.

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