My first try at making bagels

Cooking is a passion

I have a passion for cooking and I just love it, though, I’m not a chef by any means. I just enjoy good food and love preparing it, will you do the dishes, please?

Bread for the first time

I never tried to prepare loaf or bread at home but I was reading a blog post the other night and the author was talking about some bagels! I told myself “It is time to prepare some bread” and went searching for recipes to get the ingredients.

So where is the healthy part in that? Well, the flour I used was a Whole Wheat flour, therefore, these were Whole Wheat Bagels :D. Not only that, I have also used brown sugar instead of regular sugar to keep it more into the healthy side.

The experience was great and joy was covering the whole process. Yes, it wasn’t the best bagels in the world but at least I tried and it wasn’t a total failure.

Boiling the Bagels Boiling the Bagels

The final product The final product

Sliced Bagel Sliced Bagel

Rest then run

After my last extremely exhausting 10K run, which was my first 10K; I had to take a good rest to give my body a good chance to recover. Tonight’s run was the first run after the 10K milestone and it didn’t start well.

The Pain

Today's run

While warming up, I started to feel some pain in my calves and for the first time in my knees. To be very frank I got worried and told myself “Let me give it few more minutes, if it didn’t get better, I will stop”. Luckily it did and I was able to finish my run.

As you know, the weather here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, isn’t fantastic; although we had great weather during Winter season but that is over now and it is getting really hot, even at night due to high levels of humidity in Jeddah.


Tex loves to run with me and he was having a lot of fun during tonight’s run. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take him off-leash since there were a lot of passing by cars due to a small vacation between the two semesters but non the less, he was happy.

A saudi pilot around the world

A retired saudi pilot

Sami Raffa, my eldest 70+ years old uncle is a retired pilot. He is considered one of the first Saudi pilots that served many years in Saudia Airlines as well as the royal sector.

He used to tell many stories of incidents and adventures that he lived during many years of service. Things that he saw and others that he interacted with. Uncle Sami was always an adventurer and to me is one of the first geeks I ever met in my life. He always had those amazing gadgets and crazy type of electronics, he was a pioneer. I still remember the electronic pieces he had on his cycling bikes, shoes, and wrist bands. The garage he had in his basement which is more of a workshop for the RC aircrafts and helicopters he used to build by hand with steam or gasoline engines.

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My first 10K run

Tonight I have achieved a milestone in my running progress, it was my first 10K run in which I challenged myself to achieve. My previous best record was a 7 km run where I was contributing in one of JRR races. I was proud of myself for two reasons. The first is that this was my first race ever and I did finish it, while the second is that I never ran for 7 km!

It all started after a friend of mine made a virtual race on Nike+ named “Saudi First Run” where over 100 participants joined and were ready to rumble. As a participant, you just had to download the Nike+ GPS app from the App Store to your iPhone, go to the website, and join that Challenge. Then, once you run, the app will submit your results automatically after it syncs to the challenge and your position will be adjusted accordingly.

On the first day and once my 10K results were submitted, I ended up being in the third place. That didn’t last long as I was 9th by the end of the day. Nevertheless, I was still happy of my achievement.

Good-bye Steve

Steve Jobs in Dubai

The shock

Everyone was shocked yesterday with the news of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple announcing his resignation from the CEO position. Some took it with a grain of salt while others where expecting it, like myself.

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