Watch out, YouTubers

I recently got me a GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition video camera since I had an intention of starting a Vlog. I have no experience neither in shooting nor video editing but I’m a good student and I learn quickly.

I started playing with the camera settings and recorded few video shots during my trip from Logan airport in Boston back to Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport in Medina and here is my first YouTube production video ever!

After that I took some shots during Ramadan and went to meet my family in a restaurant for Sahour. This video gives you an idea of what happened (Though it has few Arabic text here and there but you will still get it by watching).

Finally I published a Vlog for Eid greetings and showing some shots from Eid prayers in Jeddah.

I will be posting more and more vlogs as I improve my editing skills.

For a list of my setup, you can buy the same equipment from here:

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