Worldwide Photo Walk 2015 - Medina

Join us in the first Worldwide Photo Walk ever in Medina, Saudi Arabia

شعار الفعالية Date: Saturday, 3 October 2015 Time: 5PM – 7PM Location: Historical Neighbourhood, King Fahd Garden. Participants: Both male and female participants are allowed to join the fun.

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Worldwide Photo Walk 2015 Leader

Having conducted the first Worldwide Photo Walk back in 2009, I thought we should have the first Worldwide Photo Walk in Medina on Saturday, October 3rd, this year. It will be a good chance to meet other Madini photographers and get to know each other.

We will meet at the historical neighbourhood in king Fahd garden and we shall roam around the different great buildings and structures passing by the old Ayniah street and the theatre. Later on we will gather at Jazz Lounge to review our images and present them to others. You are encouraged to show your photos to other photo walkers.

What to Bring:

  1. (any) camera with lots of fresh fast media cards, you can even join us with your mobile phone camera.
  2. Wide lens for Scenery shots
  3. Telephoto lens for “street” photography, flowers, and portraiture.
  4. Walking shoes & comfy clothes.
  5. Friends & family! They can walk along with us or join you at Jazz Lounge. They don’t need to register unless they’re participating.

Sharing: You are kindly requested to share your photos on this year’s Flickr group, Worldwide Photo Walk 2015 – Medina

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