My first 10K run

Tonight I have achieved a milestone in my running progress, it was my first 10K run in which I challenged myself to achieve. My previous best record was a 7 km run where I was contributing in one of JRR races. I was proud of myself for two reasons. The first is that this was my first race ever and I did finish it, while the second is that I never ran for 7 km!

It all started after a friend of mine made a virtual race on Nike+ named “Saudi First Run” where over 100 participants joined and were ready to rumble. As a participant, you just had to download the Nike+ GPS app from the App Store to your iPhone, go to the website, and join that Challenge. Then, once you run, the app will submit your results automatically after it syncs to the challenge and your position will be adjusted accordingly.

On the first day and once my 10K results were submitted, I ended up being in the third place. That didn’t last long as I was 9th by the end of the day. Nevertheless, I was still happy of my achievement.

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