Rest then run

After my last extremely exhausting 10K run, which was my first 10K; I had to take a good rest to give my body a good chance to recover. Tonight’s run was the first run after the 10K milestone and it didn’t start well.

The Pain

Today's run

While warming up, I started to feel some pain in my calves and for the first time in my knees. To be very frank I got worried and told myself “Let me give it few more minutes, if it didn’t get better, I will stop”. Luckily it did and I was able to finish my run.

As you know, the weather here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, isn’t fantastic; although we had great weather during Winter season but that is over now and it is getting really hot, even at night due to high levels of humidity in Jeddah.


Tex loves to run with me and he was having a lot of fun during tonight’s run. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take him off-leash since there were a lot of passing by cars due to a small vacation between the two semesters but non the less, he was happy.

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