Good-bye Steve

Steve Jobs in Dubai

The shock

Everyone was shocked yesterday with the news of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple announcing his resignation from the CEO position. Some took it with a grain of salt while others where expecting it, like myself.

The Expectations

To be honest, I was expecting him to do so a couple of years ago, especially with his medical conditions, yet, he only made the decision after proven to the world that Apple is world’s top brand.

I always wondered how would people react to Steve leaving Apple, whether by choice or force, and most of my speculations where stating that a lot of people would overact by saying Apple is nothing without Steve or Apple will collapse and probably go bankrupt if Steve leaves, no way!

That is non-sense and just BS, Apple is extremely powerful, number one brand in the world reminder, and other companies has to really work their little bottoms.

Only Time

Neither myself nor you can expect the future but tile will tell and prove which of us is correct and if I where you, I’de wait and see to cut on the crap!

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