Welcome Philips Hue

First Hue Test Here is a photo of my first trial but the Go was not showing in this photo.

Watching movies at home

I like to watch movies and TV shows at home. (Update 2016: Now that Netflix is available in Saudi Arabia, I like to Netflix as well) Therefore, my movie setup should include a great TV, audio system, and overall environment.

Since I got a great Samsung Curved Smart TV and a nice sound system, all is left was a surrounding atmosphere and how to make it more enjoyable.

Hello Hue

A lot of companies are competing in what is, in a layman’s term, known as smart home devices. However, I decided to go with and just bought me a Philips Hue starter kit , Hue Iris, and Hue Go in an attempt to have a cool looking lights around my TV setup while watching movies or TV shows while also having some smart home devices using IoT so I can control it through an app or maybe I can buy an Amazon Echo later down the line.

I hooked up the bridge, which is the “main brain” that controls all Hue devices, to the internet, got its firmware updated, connected all the lights and played with it for a while until I decided to have the Iris on the right side of the TV but on the floor while having the Go on the left.

I might consider getting I got the Philips Hue Lightstrip to install it around the back of the TV as well in order to get a glow effect from behind later down the line.

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