Why I switched to a vegan diet?

The detox specialist

I recently had the chance to visit a detoxing specialist in Turkey during a quick trip with my pal Ahmed Al-Awadi. She offered to do red blood cells analysis, which gives an indicator of how your blood flows and the way it carries oxygen to your organs. She initially started with him and took a blood sample from his index, put it on her microscope and we saw something like never before on the huge TV screen.

The first blood sample

Ahmed’s blood sample (below) looked really good (Ma sha’a Allah). The specialist said it was perfect, smooth, and just couldn’t be better. As you can see from the photo, the red blood cells are firmly round and has room to roam around and flow. They look healthy or shall I say “Happy :)”. From my personal observation, Ahmed is a normal person eating a regular diet, yet, he tries to avoid fried food if possible. http://yraffah.com/files/2014-07-14-IMG_4433-thumb.jpg

The second blood sample

Some of you might know I have high levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL Cholesterol), as I explained earlier in my marathon post. Therefore, I expected my blood sample to be a little bit different than Ahmed’s. That feeling started to build up until I became worried. The minute she saw my blood cells she started to re-adjust the focus of the microscope, I knew something was wrong! It took her a good minute or two before displaying it on the big TV screen and that is when I got shocked to say the least.

http://yraffah.com/files/2014-07-14-IMG_4434-thumb.jpg As you can see from my blood sample photo, the cells are stacked and forming a worm-like shape! This photo had me drop my jaw and be speechless for few seconds until she interrupted me by saying that I’m having too much animal protein, and switching to a better diet can help a lot and probably cure that.

She recommended switching to a vegan (preferably raw-vegan) diet for 21 days and that should make a good difference. She started explaining how she herself had overweight issues and it was always a tough time to get out of bed. However, that was all history and non-existing after switching to a vegan diet. All her back-pain issues had disappeared and now she jumps out of bed full of energy in the morning. Can you jump out of bed tomorrow morning full of energy?!

The Switch (Being Vegan)

I started reading about veganism and what do vegan people do and don’t. Then I started looking for raw-vegan recipes and found some great communities and vegan celebrities. This made it an easy switch especially that I was already introducing more and more vegetables into my diet and increasing its portions. Thankfully I was able to complete 3 weeks of completely raw-vegan diet and I couldn’t be happier.

My weight had dropped without any fatigue. As a matter of fact, I was feeling more energetic! This made me think, why would I stop?. Let me continue being vegan for a longer period and that is exactly what I did. Got me some vegan books and I started cooking vegan meals and kept doing this for 4 months. This made me lose over 12KGs (26LBs) in body weight and fat was a big part of it.

These were some of my best days in light and my bad Cholesterol (LDL) had dropped a lot. I guess it is time to visit Turkey again!

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